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Kagame Warns Against Destabilizing Rwanda

Kagame Warns Against Destabilizing Rwanda

President Paul Kagame President Paul Kagame
"Those threatening our people's security won't manage. We should not allow anyone to undermine our achievements," Kagame told thousands of residents of Nyamasheke in the Western Province on Wednesday afternoon.
The President today started a three-day tour of the Province as part of the government's Citizen Outreach programme.
Western Province is the first cash crop growing and processing region in the country.
"Stability is the foundation of our development. Those who want to destabilize the security won't have any chance here in Rwanda," he added.
Last year, FDLR rebels in DRC crossed into Rwanda where they killed civilians before being taken down by Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF).
"We have seen enough instability and insecurity in our past; we must move forward," said Kagame.
The President appealed to Nyamasheke residents to always endeavor to hold their leaders accountable for service delivery.
"If you can access the President, you should demand similar accountability from your leaders. You need to ask leaders including me where you think we have not done well our job."
During the interaction, residents said they needed more access to electricity and three kilometers of tarmac road, which the President promised to deliver.
He called upon residents to live harmoniously with their neighbours in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
"Working together and not being part of conflict is what will result in our common development. I am happy to hear that the good relationship and partnerships with our neighbors continues," said Kagame.
However, some residents complained of being "abused" by some individuals in DRC.
"Don't worry about the abuses hurled at you; focus on doing business because that's what is developmental. I don't mind if you abuse me and later you buy my goods I would happily supply all you want."
As part of raising awareness about the need for the country independence from reliance on western donors, Kagame said no Rwandan should remain dependent on others.
"There is nothing stop us from working together to achieve self reliance. We must continue to work hard for ourselves and to give our children a better future."
He added: "God gave us a good country, so no one should be a beggar."
In this new year, Kagame advised, Rwandans should aim for the best production, performance at work and transparency to push the country to greater heights.
He emphasized government was working closely with the private sector to extend electricity to rural areas to boost their economic activities, including agriculture.
"You have now power but it's not enough, you need more for factories, and we need private sector to be involve," said Kagame.

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